Revisiting trees

I’ve been trying to make some headway with creatures for… Some time, by now, but I haven’t been able to really get anywhere with them for various reasons, most notably focus. There’s just so much to do before I can actually see a result, and I keep getting pulled away by life whenever I start working on them, so I’ve decided to change tracks a bit, and work on something else that I’ve been putting off:


At the moment, trees in Armok Vision are kinda lame. Every one looks exactly the same, with the same color leaves, all year round, even trees that have none at all, like glumprongs, and bloodthorns.

So the first thing I need to do is have AV read the raws to see where the leaves get applied on the tree, and when.

That second part gives a bit of an issue, though.

Currently, the terrain meshes are regenerated whenever any tile on them is changed, via a dirty bit, which would mean that the trees wouldn’t shed their leaves in the winter unless a terrain update got triggered.

To solve this, I plan to store a list of dates in each terrain tile where it will need to be regenerated, and store the date of the last generation. Then the terrain generator will know that it has to regen the leaves when winter falls.

The other thing I  will be doing will be adding info to each tile telling where on the tree it is, both as a percentage of height, for purposes of palm leaf placement, and the direction from the center of the tree, so that the leaves can be optionally rotated around the tree, and face outwards. This should help make them look a little more rounded, hopefully.

Finally, I will have to make some new leaf graphics, as well as better branches. I at least need one each for palms, broadleaves, evergreens, and feathers. Not to mention flowers and fruits.

And then I’ll try to continue with creatures.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting trees”

  1. That’s awesome, do you think the leaf shedding can be staggered slightly so that they do it at different times: tiny differences between same species but significant timing differences to other tree species?

    1. Problem with that is that every time I want to change the leaves on a tree, I need to update the mesh for the entire 16×16 block of tiles at once, which takes some time. As it is, you won’t have every tree changing at once on the map, but they will update one square at a time, which will look funny, but it’s the best that can be done

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