Mesh export finally working properly

What you see here is the final result of my efforts to export a mesh from Armok Vision, and load it with 3ds max. Apologies for the low frame rate, I wanted a quick render.

The problem from before with the vertex colors was, indeed, what I had suspected before. Turns out 3ds max doesn’t like vertex colors on solitary vertices, unattached to any faces. After re-writing my mesh merging code to only attach the vertices that are needed, instead of blindly merging all of them, things go much more smoothly.

I also changed how the mesh merger behaves when it runs out of available vertices (Unity has a limit of 65535 vertices per mesh). Before, it would just fail outright it the resulting mesh would go over the limit. Now it keeps adding tiles until it runs out of space, and stops there. This will leave smaller holes in the terrain than before.

Best of all, now that I have this out of my system, I can go back to the rather tedious work of putting all the systems in place for picking sprites for creatures.


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A surprising bit of art

Every once in a while, somebody asks for an ability to export models from Armok Vision, and I mostly ignored them, largely because it’s something that isn’t trivial to do properly, until I saw some renderings from a program called MagicaVoxel, which had really nice lighting, and inspired me to do some of my own.

Unfortunately, the lighting in Armok Vision isn’t up to that level just yet, but I do have my work computer where I do renderings for a living, which tends to come out looking great, so all I have to do is get it in the right format.

Easier said than done. The only free exporter I could find was for obj format, which doesn’t support a second UV channel, nor vertex colors, both of which I depend heavily on.

So I got to work making an exporter for COLLADA models, which support damn near everything.

Except that, again, vertex colors didn’t work.

Or rather, they did, but whenever I exported them, 3Ds Max crashed when I tried to import the model.

So I stuck with the two UV channels, exported the texture atlases, imported it all into Max, and made some renders.

undersideThe result? A stark, grey edifice, devoid of color, and resembling bare concrete constructions, like a soviet designer tried to make a space-age skyscraper, based on a description of a futuristic utopia.

windmillsIt looks surprisingly good, I think, and I might include an option in Armok Vision to turn off the colors and get a similar effect, but I still need to debug why the vertex coloring isn’t working.

My current best guess is that the extra, unused vertices are throwing off max, somehow, so I’m going to try stripping them out before export, and see how it works.


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